Propped doors cause unnecessary safety concerns that are preventable. Provide a door monitoring system to alert personnel of door propping with exact location to instantly mitigate potential emergency situations.

The Aurora, Colorado gunman propped the theater’s rear exit door open to get his weapons and returned to commence shooting. Hotels commonly experience guests propping doors open. If these doors are not monitored this can lead to unlawful entry of unauthorized individuals posing a major risk to the property and its guests.  This is true for ALL facilities – any building, industrial plant, factory, warehouse, retail store, school, government offices, etc.

How is your building protected from unwanted intrusions?

Capitol Electronics offers a propped door monitoring solution that is easily installed, maintained, and affordable. Our system can be expanded to include panic buttons, gunshot detection, intrusion, and even environmental monitoring, such as temperature of a server room or freezer, ammonia, or hazardous gas leaks. A wide array of communication options are available. Already have a system but need to add our monitoring capabilities? We can integrate with most systems.

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