CMCE Customer Highlight: Southwinds Condominiums in Vero Beach, Florida 

In the vibrant coastal city of Vero Beach, Florida, located right on the oceanfront, stands Southwinds Condominiums. One of Southwind’s buildings was burnt down due to a lightning strike and they spent millions of dollars to rebuild the structure. This experience opened their eyes to the importance of safeguarding residents and infrastructure against the dangers of lightning strikes.  

We had the honor of helping Southwinds reach their lightning protection goals with the CMCE Lightning Suppression system. We presented three protection design options – “good,” “better,” and “best,” – and they chose the “best” option to provide triple protection for their property.  

To eliminate lightning strikes in the future, Southwinds installed three CMCE-120 Lightning Suppressors throughout the vast, 6,000,000 square-foot property, to protect the structural integrity, outdoor pool area, and the well-being of residents.  

As summer thunderstorm season quickly approaches, residents of Southwinds Condos can rest assured knowing that the property is fortified against lightning strikes, ensuring peace of mind and unparalleled comfort for years to come.  

Southwinds Custom Design by Capitol Electronics Team

If you’re interested in protecting your property from lightning strikes with the CMCE Lightning Suppressor, please contact our team at [email protected] or (888) 318-2333 to get a complimentary quote today.

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