ARPA Funding for Future Natural Disasters Can Help Pay for CMCE Lightning Suppressor System

Lightning, with its capacity to wreak havoc on critical facilities, poses a considerable risk to the seamless operation and safety of wastewater treatment plants. However, there is a superior lightning protection system that can eliminate the threat of lightning strikes and lightning damage – the CMCE Lightning Suppressor.  

The Ultimate Lightning Solution 

Engineered with cutting-edge technology, the CMCE Lightning Suppressor stands apart by actively draining the electrical field of positive charges and grounding them through a grounding system, creating a camouflage dome from lightning strikes. Unlike conventional lightning rods that attract lightning, the CMCE takes proactive measures to suppress lightning formation, protecting structures from lightning strikes for years to come. 

ARPA Funding – Empowering Preparedness 

Under the purview of the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA), wastewater treatment plants and government agencies can leverage funding avenues to bolster their defenses against all types of natural disasters, including lightning strikes. Here’s how you can capitalize on ARPA funding to help finance the installation of the CMCE Lightning Suppressor

  1. Identify Impending Natural Disaster: Acknowledge the looming threat of lightning strikes as a potential natural disaster with the capacity to impact your plant’s operations and surrounding communities.  
  1. Implement Emergency Relief Measures: Strategically incorporate the CMCE Lightning Suppressor as a proactive emergency relief measure to shield your facility from the adverse effects of lightning strikes.  

In safeguarding the sanctity of public health and environmental stewardship, prioritizing the fortification of wastewater treatment plants against natural disasters is crucial. The CMCE Lightning Suppressor offers superior protection to eliminate the threat of lightning strikes and damage, ensuring uninterrupted operations and fortifying the safety of your facility. 

Embrace preparedness today to secure a resilient tomorrow for your wastewater treatment plant or government entity. Explore the possibilities afforded by ARPA funding and invest in the CMCE Lightning Suppressor to chart a course toward enhanced safety and operational continuity. 

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