Vehicular Repeaters are designed to interface between existing high-power mobile radios and low-power handheld radios.   When handheld radio coverage is limited, and mobile radio coverage is strong, a vehicular repeater will extend the range of the low-power handheld to that of the high-power mobile.

How does it actually work?

Vehicular Repeaters are wired directly to mobile radios. When a handheld radio transmits a signal, the vehicular repeater receives the transmission and instantly rebroadcasts it through the mobile radio. When the mobile radio receives a transmission, it instantly rebroadcasts the signal to the handheld radio through the vehicular repeater. This process of sending and receiving transmissions, gives the handheld radio the same coverage as the mobile radio.         

In summary, vehicular repeaters give low-power handheld radios the same coverage as high-power mobile radios. Let us know if you are looking for a partner, a consultant, or someone to create the best solution for you today.