The statistics are staggering. According to Security Info Watch there has been a 1,200% increase in active shooter situations in the USA.  Unbelievably, there was another one in the news today (active shooter at Texas elementary school). Our government and school administrators are scrambling to come up with solutions to prepare and prevent shootings in our schools. The Federal Government has, and is, providing grant funding to assist schools in financing systems to prepare them for the worst-case scenario, an active shooter on campus.

Active shooter situations are unpredictable and evolve quickly. The faster first responders and staff can discern there is a threat – the more lives can be saved.   All schools should include gunshot detection technology in their security systems. Check out this quick video regarding our gunshot technology:

Our gunshot detection sensor sends an alert within 2-seconds. We are the only solution that sends notifications directly to law enforcement radios.  This advantage saves valuable time and ultimately – lives. Alerts are sent by all the traditional methods (email, text, computer popup, etc.) – but the time saving method of direct-to-law enforcement’s radio is crucial.

Our solution does not require ongoing monitoring or service fees.

System can integrate with existing security cameras and most software.

Schools can be networked under one system.

These advantages translate to thousands of dollars in savings.

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