Costly Challenge of Roof Replacement with Traditional LPS

When it comes to maintaining the safety of our homes, few things are as critical as protecting them from lightning strikes. For most properties, installing a lightning protection system is a necessary precaution. However, what happens when it’s time to replace the roof? Unfortunately, the process of uninstalling and reinstalling a traditional lightning rod system can present homeowners with significant challenges, both in terms of cost and complexity.  

Uninstalling the Lightning Rod System 

When the time comes to replace the roof, the existing lightning rod system must be carefully uninstalled to avoid any damage to its components. This process can be complex and labor-intensive, involving specialized skills and equipment. Each component of the lightning rod system, such as air terminals, conductors, and grounding rods, needs to be carefully disconnected and stored safely during the roof replacement.  

Reinstalling the Lightning Rod System 

Once the roof replacement is complete, the lightning rod system must be reinstalled. This stage is equally demanding as the initial installation, requiring expertise and precision to ensure that all components are correctly positioned and effectively connected. Improper installation can compromise the system’s effectiveness, leaving the property vulnerable to strikes.  

Specialized Materials and Costs 

Replacing a roof with an existing lightning rod system introduces additional expenses for homeowners due to the specialized materials required for re-roofing and reinstallation. These materials, coupled with the cost of labor for both the roof replacement and the reinstallation of the lightning rod system, can substantially increase the overall project cost.  

Easy Re-Roofing Solution 

Homeowners can effectively protect their property from lightning strikes and avoid the costly challenges of roof replacement by upgrading to CMCE Lightning Prevention. The CMCE Lightning Suppressor is one single device that prevents lightning formation over a protected structure and requires significantly less materials for installation, making it easy to uninstall and reinstall as needed when re-roofing.

Upgrade to CMCE Lightning Prevention and protect your home from lightning strikes. 

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