Lightning Facts: Understanding the Risks of Lightning Strikes

This week is National Lightning Safety Awareness Week, and as you know, lightning is extremely dangerous for both the safety of people and property. But did you know just how powerful lightning really is and the risks it poses? Here are some key points to understand its potential dangers: 

  • A single lightning bolt can carry hundreds of millions of volts of electrical potential. This immense power can cause severe damage to structures, trees, and even people who encounter it.  
  • Lightning bolts can reach temperatures hotter than the surface of the sun, rapidly heating the surrounding air and any objects in its path. This intense heat can ignite fires, leading to property damage and increased risk of injury or loss of life.  
  • Direct strikes or even nearby lightning strikes can result in electrocution, as the electrical current can travel through the ground or conductive materials, such as water pipes or electrical wiring. This poses a significant risk to individuals indoors or in contact with conductive surfaces during a thunderstorm.  
  • Lightning can also cause secondary dangers, such as power surges, electrical system damage, and explosions. The current can travel through power lines and damage appliances, electronics, and other electrical equipment, posing risks to both property and personal safety.  

It is important to note that lightning-related fatalities, injuries, and damages can be prevented by following lightning safety guidelines, seeking proper shelter, and installing an effective lightning protection system.  

An effective lightning protection system gives you absolute peace of mind during thunderstorms, knowing that your property and people are safe. The CMCE Lightning Suppressor prevents lightning formation over a protected structure by draining the atmosphere of the positive charges needed for a lightning strike to form. This process camouflages a protected area within 500,000 square feet from lightning strikes. The CMCE device is 100% effective, lightweight, easy to install, operates without power, and costs significantly less than the traditional lightning rod system.  

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