CMCE Lightning Prevention

One-quarter of adults in the United States are spending most of their leisure time outside for their hobbies and recreational activities. The outdoor lifestyle is a way of life, and more and more, we are seeing a shift in how people are spending their time. Especially after a long, cold winter, people are eager to enjoy the outdoors again. 

Spring is just around the corner and people are excited for warm temperatures. However, warm temperatures bring dangerous thunderstorms that could cause major damage to trees and homes. Outdoor community facilities, such as public and private parks, are especially vulnerable during thunderstorms; and there is no thunder without lightning.  

Capitol Electronics is here to help you protect your park trees, guests, and infrastructures from lightning with CMCE Lightning Prevention technology. The CMCE Lightning Suppressor protects Bonnet Springs Park, a newly developed mixed-use recreational and natural park, in Lakeland, Florida, by preventing lightning within 500,000 square feet. CMCE 120 Lightning Suppressors have been installed on the infrastructures, protecting the outdoor community lifestyle center and park guests from dangerous lightning strikes.  

CMCE Lightning Prevention is designed to prevent lightning strikes from forming by deionizing the electrical field. With more than 9,000 customers and zero strikes, CMCE is rapidly becoming the standard for a technology-based lightning protection system. 

Prepare your park for thunderstorm season by contacting [email protected]