Lightning.*  Lightning strikes the earth around 45 times a second!  Over 20 million cloud-to-ground strikes every year causing around $1 BILLION in annual property damage losses.  Direct lightning strikes can be disastrous for an unprotected building.  We rely on our electronics…if your building takes a direct hit, the loss of electronics, productivity, sales, etc. triggers an enormous expense, potential business disruption, and a huge headache.  Plan ahead and protect your facility from a direct lightning strike. Those that have suffered the pain and financial losses of a lightning strike know – it is better to take precautions than to suffer consequences!

Leading by Example

A few examples of business leaders that have the foresight to protect their facilities from direct lightning strikes are:

  • Cincinnati Reds Great American Ballpark
  • US Tennis Association National Campus in Orlando, Florida
  • Busch Gardens Amusement Park in Florida
  • Panama City Florida Municipal Buildings
  • The Grand Castle Hotel in Grand Rapids, Michigan
  • Top of the Hill Luxury Apartments and Mixed-Use Development in Cleveland, Ohio
  • Stonewater Luxury Apartments in Elkhart, Indiana
  • The Arbuckle Luxury Apartments and Mixed-Use Development in Brownsburg, Indiana
  • 306 Riverfront Luxury Apartments and Mixed-Use Development in Kokomo, Indiana
  • Riverhaus Luxury Apartments and Mixed-Use Development in Covington, Kentucky
  • The Depot Residential Community in Fishers, Indiana
  • Sunset Harbour High-Rise Condominiums in Miami, Florida
  • Lakepoint Premier Youth Sports Destination in Emerson, Georgia
  • Gathering Place Riverfront Park in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Turning Technology Into Solutions!

Capitol Electronics offers lightning PREVENTION and DETECTION systems.  Prepare for the worst by protecting your facility against direct lightning strikes; detect when lightning is near and warn those in the area. Minimal investment in protection will save you potentially THOUSANDS and worst case – loss of life.

*U.S. Department of Homeland Security,