Technology has changed many aspects of life as we know it today, the most critical being security. Solutions have become available for just about every facet of security, even for something that’s not easily solvable – gunshot detection.

The FBI reports that active shooter events have steadily risen across the country since the year 2000. Unfortunately, we’re all too familiar with news stories reporting active shooters at schools, businesses, malls, movie theatres, concerts, and more.

One thing is for sure, when a tragedy like this occurs at a school there are many children and adults at risk. A solution such as gunshot detection can help save lives by immediately sending an alert with the exact location to law enforcement and authorities.

3 reasons why gunshot detection is an absolute necessity in schools:

1. Immediate notifications sent to staff members & first responders

When a gun is discharged in a school, panic promptly follows. It is very alarming to all present not knowing what is going on during this dangerous situation. A gunshot detection solution sends out immediate notifications to staff members and first responders when a gun is fired. This gives staff members and students knowledge, which can be the difference between life and death. When an alert is received, they know to take cover and can trust help is on its way.

2. Eliminates human involvement

The advantage of gunshot detection technology is that it doesn’t need human eyes and ears to respond. This technology has been evolving over the years and today is proving to be highly successful, in saving lives.

3. False Alarms are eliminated

False alarms are a common problem that can significantly reduce the effectiveness of any security solution. However, not all gunshot detection solutions are the same. To insure it is a true gunshot, our system requires a two-factor authentication before an alert is sent. Here’s how it works:

  • The sensor is looking for large spikes from resting levels in both sound and air pressure.
  • When a gunshot occurs, the sensor measures the spike of both components ensuring that the spikes were only brief spikes and not “permanent”.
  • Once the alarm is verified – an alert is sent.

Immediately knowing it is a real gunshot and where it has occurred is key to stopping an active shooter event.

Why Choose Capitol Electronics as Your Solution Provider?

We focus on representing the best products in the industry. Our manufacturer of Gunshot Detection was recognized by Campus Safety BEST Awards two years in a row as one of the most noteworthy new products that can impact campus safety and security. We offer the quickest Direct to Responder (D2R®) active shooter solutions on the market. Our line of wireless and network-based sensors can be deployed throughout a campus, facility or even across the country. When a gunshot is detected, an immediate emergency notification is sent to first responders within two seconds.


Delivery methods can include any combination of email, text message, phone, computer software, or the fastest form of emergency contact: two-way radio. Users can customize specific responses based on the sensor that is activated. Each individual alarm can provide a different response.

Gunshot detection technology can make a huge difference when it comes to protecting students and faculty members. It is important to invest in gunshot detection technology so you can keep your students and staff safe in case of an active shooter incident.

Although gunshot detection technology is still not as widespread as we would like, we hope that this article will help increase awareness about its importance. If you would like to learn more about this type of technology, contact us via our website or call us at (317) 759-7337.