Monitor Open Doors for Safety

People have been taught to be polite and hold doors for others, but when it comes to the schools, that is not what should be done. Now more than ever, schools need to increase measures to protect students.

Propping doors includes using any item keeping the door from shutting and locking. It includes people holding the door open. The biggest concern that arises out of the doors being propped is that it puts the students at risk for intrusion and attack.

The main reason for students and teachers propping the doors is convenience for themselves. The installation of cameras allows staff to monitor doors that are propped but the issue lies in the human element. For cameras to serve their purpose, they must be monitored 24/7 which simply, is not possible and that is why an instant notification of a propped door with exact location is the most effective safety solution to protect students from intrusion.

In 1986 at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania, freshman Jean Clery was raped and murdered in her residence hall room as a result of someone propping open a door.

Students and teachers often do not consider the consequences of door propping, and do things they think will be more convenient.

Unfortunately, people take propped doors lightly because they don’t think about the bigger consequences. People often feel safe from the unknown when in a familiar environment. These scenarios are the exact scenarios that intruders identify. The installation of sensors to detect when doors are propped with the capability to send an instant notification directly to authorities and chosen staff is the most effective way to protect schools from intrusion.