The Best Option for Lightning Protection: CMCE vs. Traditional LPS

Lightning strikes can pose a significant risk to structures and the people inside them, which is why it’s very important to have the right lightning protection system (LPS) in place. Over the years, various methods have been developed to protect buildings from the destructive power of lightning. The most well-known and most often used lightning protection system is the traditional lightning rod system. However, it’s unfortunately not the most effective option for lightning protection. Here’s why: 

Traditional Lightning Rod System 

The traditional lightning rod system, also known as the lightning conductor system, has been used for centuries. It consists of metal rods or conductors strategically placed on the roof and connected to a grounding system. This system attracts lightning strikes to the rods and attempts to provide a safe path for the electrical discharge to reach the ground, potentially mitigating damage to the structure. However, this system does not always effectively ground the electrical charges. Sometimes the rods cannot handle the voltage of a lightning strike, causing major issues for structures, including fires and electrical and structural damage. 

CMCE Lightning Suppressor 

The CMCE Lightning Suppressor is a more advanced and innovative lightning protection system. Unlike traditional lightning rods, it prevents lightning strikes from forming over a structure and prevents lightning-induced damage. This technology eliminates the risk of lightning strikes by draining the atmosphere of ionic charges needed for a lightning strike to form, therefore providing an invisible camouflage over a protected structure.  

By eliminating lightning formation over a structure, the CMCE Lightning Suppressor enhances safety for occupants and eliminates the potential for fire and electrical or structural damage, making it the smartest investment for long-term cost savings.  

While the traditional lightning rod system has been a common choice for many years, the CMCE Lightning Suppressor represents a significant advancement in lightning protection technology. Preventing lightning formation over a protected structure offers a more comprehensive and proactive approach to safeguarding buildings and their occupants. The enhanced protection and peace of mind it provides make the CMCE Lightning Suppressor the best choice for those seeking top-tier lightning protection for their property. 

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