Plainfield Walmart Distribution Fire, Indiana, March 17, 2022

Fortunately, workplace disasters are not as common as they used to be, BUT accidents do happen.  Just this week in the hometown of Capitol Electronics, Plainfield, Indiana, there was a fire at a Walmart Distribution Center. Fortunately, all employees were evacuated safely. It is imperative owners/management take a good look at their facility and prepare for the “what if”. Many have good intentions of adding a warning system or improving/updating an existing system, but with rising cost of staying in business, the project gets pushed. But is this a good idea? If an accident happens and the company has not provided sufficient warning, lives are at stake and the company is at risk of facing a lawsuit. Better not put off till tomorrow what needs to be taken care of today….

Capitol Electronics will work with you to design and plan a warning system specific for your situation and budget. From a large facility handling dangerous chemicals to a small mom & pop shop with just a few employees….we can help!