SVR-350 Scalable Vehicular Repeater

SVR-350™ Guardian™ Analog and P25 Vehicular Repeater

The SVR-350™ Guardian™ is the latest and most advanced simplex vehicular repeater from Pyramid Communications. This is the first vehicular repeater offered by Pyramid that is scalable from a full featured analog unit to a digital P25 unit later. Optional Software Feature Keys (SFK) can add capabilities like P25 digital operation, AES/DES Encryption, EVRS and more!

The SVR-250 utilizes the new ESP™ priority structure that resolves priority conflicts during repeater idle time rather than at the critical start of a conversation. With ESP™, priority vehicles are assigned without user intervention to ensure uninterrupted communications when users exit their vehicles. ESP™ also ensures a quick recovery if two vehicles get in a priority mode at one scene.

In analog mode, the unit is fully backwards compatible with SVR-200™ and SVR-250™ analog systems. Users can enjoy a budget friendly entry to the SVR product line with the option to add APCO Project 25 Phase 1 digital, and enjoy clear and secure communications in P25. In P25 mode, the SVR-350™ Guardian is backwards compatible with SVR-P250™ and SVR-P255™ products.


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