Centurion Anywhere – Panic Button Wherever You Go

Avoid the pitfalls of many other cellphone-based panic buttons. Centurion Anywhere brings the power, speed, and communication outputs of our in-building panic buttons to your smartphone. When activated, Centurion Anywhere will send a user’s GPS location along with alarm information to your organization’s Centurion Elite and within seconds that information will be relayed to first responders and security personnel via email, text, phone, two-way radio, and computer software.

With Centurion Anywhere, there is no fumbling to unlock a phone, or searching through your phone for an app to activate, as our Bluetooth panic button is easy to press at a moment’s notice from up to 100ft away.

There are no re-occurring fees to the customer, simply download the app, purchase the button and instantly tap into the power of your Centurion Elite anywhere you go.

One badge. One button. Immediate response.


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