If You Can Hear Thunder, You’re in Danger. Lightning Can Strike Nearby Within Seconds

Did you know that if you can hear thunder, you are at major risk of lightning striking nearby? Lightning strikes can travel up to 10 to 12 miles from a thunderstorm, exceeding the sound of thunder. Lightning can cover such distances through a combination of factors, including the structure of the thundercloud and atmospheric conditions.

Negative cloud-to-ground lightning is the most usual form of lightning that comes from a thundercloud. However, positive cloud-to-ground lightning also occurs, and it tends to be more powerful and covers longer distances. Positive lightning comes from the positively charged ions at the top of the thundercloud and travels down to the ground in a twisty, elongated path. This type of lightning tends to occur in large thunderstorms and can travel horizontally for several miles before striking the ground.

The conductivity of the atmosphere (the ability to conduct an electric current) also plays a role in the travel distance of lightning. In some cases, the atmosphere may have enhanced conductivity due to factors like high humidity, elevated temperatures, or the presence of aerosols. These conditions can facilitate the formation of longer, more conductive ionized channels, allowing lightning to travel greater distances.

Advanced atmospheric conditions, such as the presence of strong updrafts or downdrafts within a thunderstorm, can also influence the behavior of lightning discharges. Therefore, lightning is completely unpredictable, and you never know when or where it will strike.

Unlike the traditional lightning rod system, CMCE Lightning Prevention effectively protects all structures, boats, and outdoor areas. The CMCE device constantly works without power to drain the atmosphere of positive ionic charges, camouflaging the protected area from lightning strikes. It is 100% effective, lightweight, easy to install, and protects 500,000 square feet.

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