Lightning Rod Failure: The Alarming Impact of Outdated Lightning Protection 

The traditional lightning rod system is the most well-known lightning protection system and has been around for 270 years, but it is not the most effective. In recent years, lightning rod systems have become the unfortunate culprits behind lightning strike damage, including fires.    

Lightning rods attract lightning strikes to a structure and provide a path of least resistance for lightning to follow, discharging the lightning’s electrical energy into the ground. Unfortunately, the lightning rod’s design is the underlying issue. Lightning rods do not guarantee the ability to withstand the electrical voltage of all lightning strikes, which means they do not protect a structure from electrical damage when the voltage is too high.  

Because of this, lightning rod systems are becoming a common issue and a significant cause of damage to property and equipment. The inability of the lightning rod to consistently provide safe grounding for a strike poses a problem for structures and facilities that require complete protection from lightning. As the frequency and intensity of thunderstorms increase, it becomes crucial to prioritize updating outdated lightning protection systems on structures, especially in lightning-prone areas.  

Capitol Electronics offers an advanced lightning protection solution to protect your property from both lightning strikes and lightning strike damage. The CMCE Lightning Suppressor prevents lightning formation over a protected structure through deionization, camouflaging a protected structure from lightning strikes. The CMCE device is the only lightning protection device on the market proven to prevent lightning from striking in lab and field tests. It is 100% effective, operates without power, protects 500,000 square feet, and costs 92% less than the lightning rod system.  

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