Lightning At Sports Stadiums: What You Don’t Know

According to a recent study on severe weather and its presence in Major League Baseball games, more than 700 games over the past four seasons were played when lightning was alarmingly close to the stadiums. Lightning was detected within eight miles during at least 1 out of every 14 games played during those four seasons, and the majority of those games continued playing without alarm.

The moral of the story: Sports stadiums are extremely dangerous during thunderstorms due to the high chance of lightning striking. Stadiums have high rows of seating, huge light posts, and large empty parking lots surrounding them, creating the perfect location for lightning to strike. This is an issue concerning all outdoor sports facilities, including football, soccer, baseball, and tennis.

The most effective way to protect your stadiums and visitors from lightning strikes is with CMCE Lightning Prevention technology. Not only is CMCE Lightning Prevention 100% effective, but it is also significantly less expensive than the traditional lightning rod system. The CMCE Lightning Suppressor inhibits lightning formation over a protected area within 500,000 square feet. The device is lightweight, easy to install, and does not require power to operate.

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