CMCE Customer Highlight: The Holiday Inn at Panama City Beach, Florida

When it comes to ensuring the safety and comfort of guests, the Holiday Inn at Panama City Beach, Florida, takes every precaution. A critical aspect of this commitment involves protecting the property from lightning strikes, which can pose significant risks in coastal areas prone to thunderstorms. To address this, the Holiday Inn implemented the advanced CMCE Lightning Suppression system to protect the expansive property, including the outdoor pool area. 

Past Incidents and Its Impact 

The Holiday Inn has firsthand experience of the disruption that lightning can cause. In a previous incident, a lightning strike hit a pool pump, leading to significant damage. This forced the hotel to shut down the outdoor pool area for repairs, resulting in construction work that disrupted the guest experience and led to expensive repairs. 

Effective Lightning Protection for the Coastal Resort 

Situated on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico, the Holiday Inn at Panama City Beach covers a substantial area, designed to offer guests a memorable stay with an array of amenities and attractions. The property includes 200 guest rooms, conference and event facilities, and a large outdoor pool and recreational area.  

Given the size of the property, protecting it from lightning strikes is a significant challenge. However, the CMCE Lightning Suppressor system makes lightning protection simple. The Holiday Inn installed one CMCE-120 Lightning Suppressor six feet above the hotel’s highest point to cover 500,000 square feet, ensuring comprehensive protection and peace of mind for years to come. 

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