Homes in Florida are more susceptible to lightning strikes compared to homes in any other state, especially during the summer months. Florida residents are currently in the midst thunderstorm season, experiencing dangerous thunderstorms and lightning strikes every day. Due to Florida’s unique position in relation to prevailing weather patterns and flat terrain surrounded by coastline, the sea breeze collides with the warm, moist air over the peninsula, leading to the convergence of air masses and the formation of thunderstorms. Because Florida experiences a higher frequency of thunderstorms, these storms can be quite intense and can last for extended periods, increasing the likelihood of lightning strikes.

It is crucial for homeowners in Florida to take appropriate precautions and implement effective protection measures for lightning strikes to keep them safe and protect their property. You can not only protect your home from damaging lightning strikes, but you can also protect your surrounding property with CMCE Lightning Prevention technology.

The newest and most advanced form of lightning protection, the CMCE Lightning Suppressor, effectively protects both structures and open areas, including outdoor living areas, pools, boat docks, and more. You can protect your entire property from 100% of lightning strikes and prevent lightning-related damage.

The CMCE Lightning Suppressor constantly works without power to balance the electrical field by draining the atmosphere of the ionic charges needed for a lightning strike to form. This process of deionization camouflages the protected area from lightning strikes. The CMCE device is lightweight, easy to install, protects 500,000 square feet, and costs significantly less than the traditional lightning rod system.

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