Amusement parks are popular destinations for thousands of thrill-seekers around the world. However, with great excitement comes great responsibility. One of the biggest concerns for amusement parks is the threat of lightning strikes. Roller coaster tracks act as lightning rods during an electrical storm. Because of this, roller coasters must be shut down when lightning is within 5 to 10 miles of the park for the safety of the visitors and employees.

An effective lightning protection system is critical for the successful maintenance and management of amusement parks. It would help eliminate the threat of lightning strikes, preventing the likelihood of structural damage, expensive repairs, or physical injury. By installing CMCE Lightning Prevention technology, amusement parks can protect their roller coasters and ensure they remain operational.

The CMCE Lightning Suppressor inhibits lightning formation over a protected structure through deionization, essentially camouflaging the protected area from lightning strikes. The CMCE device is lightweight, easy to install, operates without power, and protects 500,000 square feet.

At Capitol Electronics, we are committed to protecting communities around the world. We protect many parks from lightning strikes, including Bonnet Springs Park in Lakeland, FL, and the Falcon’s Fury standing drop tower at Busch Gardens in Tampa, FL. 

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