Severe weather is hitting our area. Wind has picked up. Lightning is flashing. Thunder is booming. Lights go out. We’ve lost electricity. Where is my cell phone? I hear the outdoor warning sirens. It just got real. Time to take cover.

We are on the soccer field. Weatherman has predicted possible severe weather, but nothing is happening yet. Dark clouds are rolling in, but the game is still on. NOAA has issued a tornado watch in our area. The sirens have been activated. It just got real. Everyone scrambles to take cover.

There is some talk about the necessity of outdoor warning sirens in today’s world with cellphones and television available to most people. BUT what about those that do not carry cellphones with them all the time? (Young children, elderly, workers, joggers, gardeners, athletes: the list can go on and on). 

Weather has become more severe everywhere. Most people universally recognize a siren as a warning to take shelter – there is danger.  Is it not prudent and morally responsible to provide layers of communication to try and save lives? If electricity is out…cellphone towers are down…what is left? Outdoor warning sirens.

To the leaders of our communities that have the foresight to provide outdoor warning sirens, thank you for doing everything within your power to give citizens notice, danger is approaching. All lives matter!

Outdoor Warning Sirens Save Lives!