The Defender - Law Enforcement Solution - Capitol Electronics, Inc.

Helping you have an immediate response.

The Centurion Elite®  & The Centurion® Defender are in a class all their own.


  • Responders are notified within 2 seconds of alarm activation.
  • Direct-to-Responder / D2R® communication allows users to bypass third parties and go straight to law enforcement
  • The Centurion Elite® can send two-way radio notifications to three different radio frequencies at the same time
  • Built-in false trigger avoidance technology ensures only real alarms make their way to responders
  • Multiple Defenders can be monitored from a single Centurion Elite® system
  • 24/7 sensor monitoring ensures system is always ready for use.
  • Defender health status monitoring and alarming
  • Easily switch radio systems without costly upgrades to multiple systems
  • Roll-up data packages available for Defender bridges to avoid reoccurring charges.

Old Problems with New Solutions 

For almost 50 years law enforcement agencies around the country have relied on dated technology, such as VARDA® (Voice-Activated Radio-Dispatched Alarms), to expand their policing reach. While ground breaking at the time, advancements in other technologies and evolving radio systems have made much of the original VARDA® technology outdated and ineffective.

 Keeping your eyes on the prize, the continued safety of your community. 

We know that the need still exists for technology that improves response times and gives law enforcement agencies an expanded reach.

And these needs must be met within a limited budget.

Your service and your community’s safety is of critical importance to us and has driven us to engineer an affordable, effective solution.

Response Technologies’ Centurion Elite® offers the quickest Direct to Responder (D2R®) law enforcement solutions on the market. Our line of wireless sensors can be deployed anywhere in the world using our Centurion® Defender. Deploy the cellular enabled Defender anywhere that trouble may occur, and rest assured that the proper authorities will be notified within seconds of an alarm activation.

Delivery methods can include any combination of modern communication methods including email, text message, phone, CAD integration/computer software, and two-way radio. These delivery method combinations are designated in Elite Audiences®, which allows users to customize specific responses based on the sensor that is activated. The Centurion Elite® user can assign all sensors to alarm in the same way, or customize each individual alarm to activate a different response.

Use Cases

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE  PERSONAL PROTECTION — Providing duress buttons to potential victims of domestic violence, or high profile witnesses, can be the difference between life and death. The Centurion Elite® allows these users to have the security of a Direct to Responder (D2R®) duress button while having the freedom to move throughout their homes safely.

PROPERTY CRIME — Property crime is a daily issue for most departments around the country, and with limited officer resources to stop it, agencies must get creative in how they attack it. The Centurion Elite® can provide a new age solution to a timeless problem using the flexibility of the Defender. Deploy a defender and some of our various wireless sensors at the site of a potential issue, and rest assured that if anyone attempts to break-in or steal any property, law enforcement officers will be alerted within seconds of the situation.

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