Did you know there are over 4,100 domestic and industrial wastewater treatment plants in Florida? Wastewater treatment plants are responsible for the protection of water quality through proper wastewater disposal. Wastewater plants maintain the quality of life for over 21 million people in Florida alone. Without these wastewater treatment facilities, improper wastewater disposal could drastically impact Florida’s public health and environment. Wastewater management is essential to Florida residents.

Lightning strikes can cause major damage to both the facilities and the quality of life of the surrounding communities. However, you can protect your facility and prevent lightning strike repercussions with CMCE Lightning Prevention technology. The CMCE Lightning Suppressor prevents lightning before it strikes through deionization, essentially camouflaging the protected area. The CMCE device is lightweight, easy to install, operates without power, and protects 500,000 square feet.

Capitol Electronics is committed to protecting communities around the world. We protect many facilities, including buildings and substations for Commonwealth Energy and Kissimmee Utility.

Prevent lightning strike damage by contacting [email protected].