Lightning Protection for Residential
Lightning Protection for Residential

Custom-built luxury homes are quite the investment, as well as the surrounding property. For many luxury homes they often have pools, outdoor areas, large driveways and garages, and more. However, no one talks about the cost of damage and repairs when severe weather problems arise, including lightning strike damage. Many people believe that their homes will never be struck by lightning. They believe the chances are low and there is not a need to prepare. But what happens when lightning strikes and you are not prepared?

You never know when or where lightning will strike, especially when you live in a home near a large body of water. Lightning is the one of the most unpredictable characteristics of a thunderstorm. No one can guarantee they are completely safe from lightning strikes unless they are protected with an effective system.

Your home can be completely protected from 100% lightning strikes with CMCE Lightning Prevention technology. The CMCE Lightning Suppressor is easily installed six feet above the highest point of a structure, weighing just 14 pounds. The CMCE device inhibits the formation of lightning over the protected structure through deionization, essentially camouflaging the area. It is 100% effective, operates without power, and protects 500,000 square feet.

Capitol Electronics is committed to protecting communities around the world. We protect many custom-built, luxury homes in Florida, including homes in West Palm Beach, Placida, and Boca Grande.

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