Outdoor sports facility Safety Tips

Outdoor sports season is almost here, with only 30-days left until the first day of spring. Outdoor sports stadiums and facilities are extremely vulnerable to spring thunderstorms, especially dangerous lightning strikes. Just one lightning strike can cause major damage to sports facilities, both physically and financially, and pose a severe threat to people in the area.

Here are some safety tips for protecting your outdoor sporting facility, players and guests from dangerous thunderstorms this spring season: 

  • Detect severe weather conditions before they are near your area with local weather monitoring sources, such as the local news. The local news provides people in the area with real-time weather updates, especially when a severe storm arises.
  • Prevent lightning before it strikes with CMCE Lightning Prevention technology. The CMCE Lightning Suppressor prevents lightning strikes from forming by deionizing the electrical field and protects 500,000 square feet. With multiple CMCE Lightning Suppressors, you will not only be able to protect the outdoor facility but the surrounding area as well.   
  • Notify your players and guests of severe weather when they do not have access to technology on a field with Federal Signal Outdoor Warning Sirens. Our outdoor warning sirens are designed to alert people outside and away from other media sources of imminent danger. The warning sirens can notify the people within your outdoor facility of severe weather, so they are able to seek shelter before the storm arrives in the area. 

Capitol Electronics is here to help you protect your outdoor facilities, players and guests from dangerous thunderstorms and damaging lightning strikes this spring season.  

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