A portable information radio station plus changeable message sign, ready to roll. This trailer-mounted unit can be configured as a stand-alone radio station or a stand-alone changeable message sign or both.

Powered by a robust array of solar panels and large battery backup, VoiceStar stations can go anywhere, anytime. They are built to operate in isolated locations. The radio messages and sign text may be programmed locally or remotely via cell modem.

VoiceStar has ‘quick startup’ and can be broadcasting and/or providing its message display at a new location in fewer than 5 minutes.

Every VoiceStar system can arrive stocked with prerecorded external messages prepared by professional announcers.


  • Highway construction zones
  • Traffic incidents
  • Safety and Health Emergencies
  • Major Events

Stations are often integrated into a system of several units to instantly update motorists.

Who operates VoiceStar systems?

  • Transportation Agencies: DOTs, turnpikes and bridges
  • Local Governments: Emergency Management, Law Enforcement, and Public Health Agencies
  • Industrial Plants: for HazMat impact on residents
  • Military Bases
  • National Parks
  • Events: air shows, fairs, parades, conventions, golf tournaments, sporting events


technical details

VoiceStar Portable Advisory Radio Station

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