An Immediate Call for Help Is A Keystroke Away.
Emergency alert activated either by keyboard hot keys or mouse and transmitted to law enforcement and other first responders.

Emergency responsiveness at every desktop.
Emergencies and security risks aren’t restricted to the lobby, reception area or the front office. Which is why vigilance and readiness are part of everyone’s job. Now, you can extend emergency alert capability farther and wider, more easily, with PCDuress®.

PCDuress® leverages your existing IT network investment and connectivity to enable any networked desktop or laptop computer to initiate a Centurion system alert directly to first responders. Designed for schools, educational and healthcare campuses, corporate centers and other large facilities, PCDuress® is a cost efficient, user-friendly and easy to implement enhancement to emergency notification capability.


  • Three different alarm activation methods
  • Two hot key alarm activation for false alarm suppression
  • Near instantaneous alarm notifications*
  • Visual confirmation of alarm delivery
  • Visual confirmation of Centurion Elite® availability and connection status
  • Visual confirmation of network availability
  • Unlimited range based on users LAN**
  • Available as single software licenses or in 10/25/50/100 software license/notifications
  • No need to log in as system concurrently runs while users are logged in
  • Built in alarm history log
  • Easy to install
  • Licenses easily transferable between computers
  • Leverages customer’s existing network investments to deliver alarms

*Alarm notification speed is based on user’s network
**Users must be connected to same LAN as Centurion Elite® in order to deliver alarms


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