Integrated Systems

One Comprehensive Solution to solve All of Your Emergency Notification Needs.

Having “right-now” eyes on your critical equipment & critical events is imperative to the success of your operations. Connect to your existing access control, overhead announcements, displays, and your other buildings.


If your existing equipment or specialized sensors have a dry contact, we can talk to it. Whether it is an ammonia system, manufacturing equipment, or even a fire panel, we can enhance the alerting capabilities and send any and all emergencies to the team to respond and fix the issue. We also specialize in communicating these alerts to the employees who must immediately react to the situation and execute the facility plan.


Additionally, all of the aforementioned alerts happen in less than two seconds.  Once the sensor is triggered, we can send the alert to the appropriate party in two seconds. This speed to responder will cut down on the time the intruder has to do any damage or commit their crime.


Many organizations carry two-way radios for quick and immediate communication throughout the facility amongst their team members. This radio communication is the quickest way to communicate.  No matter of your emergency, we can send the alert directly to the radio of your facility or security teams.


The Centurion Elite is the only system that has the power to support intrusion, panic, gunshot detection, door monitoring, environmental challenges, facility and machine monitoring, and solve for an endless number of other challenges in one system. This makes the platform more valuable and effective as you have the ability to harness the power out of one system to accomplish so much more throughout your facilities and organization.

Protecting the Manufacturing Industry with an Integrated Emergency Notification System.

Sysco Foods, a distributor of high quality foods to restaurants and schools, chose Response Technologies to protect their 170 employees and 40-acre facility. Their integrated response system includes:

  • Ammonia gas leak detection—The need for ammonia sensing and alert still drives the system. If a leak is detected, employees are immediately notified through email, text messaging, radio and the facility’s public address (PA) system. While the system is currently manual, Clifton is working on upgrading the ammonia sensor to enable automated alerts.
  • Four-function Panic Button—A four-function panic button can notify employees and responders of the emergency instantly—using text, email, two-way radio and the facility’s PA system. There is a dedicated button for an ammonia leak, one for fire, one for weather and a fourth that indicates “all-clear.”
  • Fire Alarm—System includes a fire response that is automatic if the fire panel is tripped. The alarm can also be manually activated.
  • Weather Alert—Weather events are a concern for facilities throughout the country. Sysco is able to communicate severe weather events to employees, helping to keep them safe and informed. This alert can be triggered manually, or it can be connected to a weather radio for an automated system.
  • Gunshot Detection—System includes Gunshot Detection with multiple wireless, network-based sensors throughout the facility. Gunshot Detection automatically sends a notification within two seconds after using two-factor authentication to prevent false alarms. It tells responders specifically where the incident occurred to save response time. The system does not rely on human intervention to determine if a firearm has been fired.
  • PCAlert® works with Sysco’s exiting network and officials can tailor specifically who is notified depending on the type of emergency, such as a gas leak, weather event, fire or gunshot detection.

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