Emergency Advisory Radio

These fixed radio stations cover a community with critical information during disasters, power and communication outages. Network/USB message control. ALERT AM model has automatic NOAA ‘All-Hazard’ interruptions, telco redundancy and optional battery backup, multi-station synch and many other options. Used in combination with Flashing ALERT Signs. Introduced by the Federal Communications Commission in 1977 as a Travelers’ Information Station, the Information Station is now the most installed system of its kind in the United States, with more than a thousand stations licensed to date. Its popularity stems from its versatility and affordability in a package that makes installation and operation simple and seamless.

Who operates Alert AM Systems?

  • Municipalities (cities, counties, townships, boroughs, towns and villages): e.g., departments of public safety,
    emergency management, public health and public information (PIO).
  • Government agencies (federal and state): e.g., departments of transportation (DOTs), bridge authorities,
    emergency management and public health departments.
  • Points of entry: e.g., airports, border protection, port authorities).
  • Universities and colleges.


technical details

Emergency Advisory Radio

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