Duress Solutions

Our new normal has been redefined.

More than ever today’s environment calls for secure measures never fathomed 10 years ago. The catastrophe of 9/11 did not even prepare us for the environment we live, work and educate our children in, today.

New technologies developed by Response Tech have created a solution to provide a push button solution to alert leadership and simultaneously connect directly to a community police officer nearest your facility. The system would provide detailed information to the officer as to the type of alarm, and where the alarm is coming from within the facility. This eliminates the unnecessary steps of assigning the task of calling 911 and taking a nominal 15 seconds to report the emergency. Response Tech delivered the incident to local police some 17 seconds earlier. Time and clarity saves lives.

The Response Tech Centurion Elite is a totally configurable system capable of customizing a secure solution to address all of your incident management needs. Some of the tools available are:

  • Gunshot Detection Sensors
  • Duress/Emergency Panic Buttons
  • Entry/Exit monitoring
  • Environment change sensors
  • Chemical detection sensors
  • Pendant devices for playgrounds, or factory floors
  • Medical response buttons

(this list is a fraction of the total tools available.)

It’s impossible to predict when an emergency will happen, but it’s easy to prepare for one.


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