Early Warning Saves Lives!

Outdoor warning sirens benefit communities by providing affordable, recognizable, alerts to the public for many types of situations, such as tornadoes, severe weather, tsunami, wildfires, chemical spills, and more. When people are outdoors and hear a siren sound, it is a universal understanding that a warning is being issued, they should seek shelter and tune into television or radio broadcasts. 

We are fortunate today to have multiple layers of communications, but the value of an outdoor warning siren cannot be discounted. People engaged in outdoor activities, such as swimming, ballparks, playgrounds, yardwork, public gatherings (the list goes on and on) most likely will not have access to public broadcast.

Outdoor warning sirens give public officials another layer of communication that is universally recognized. Early warnings save lives. The sooner we know that danger is coming, the more prepared we can be.