The traditional Franklin Rod system is placed on top of a structure to attract lightning to the rods. Once the lightning strikes, the rods send the channels of energy around the building to the ground through copper and aluminum wiring. Although this system can protect a structure from a direct strike, this system cannot prevent lightning from striking or prevent electrical damage and possible fires. The electrical charges from the lightning bolt can enter the structure through the wires and pipes and can cause major damage.

The lightning rod system does not prevent lightning from striking or prevent lightning damage. However, the CMCE Lightning Suppressor prevents lightning from forming over a protected structure AND prevents lightning damage. The CMCE Lightning Suppressor is a lightning prevention device that is installed 6 feet above the highest point of the structure. The device inhibits the formation of lightning through deionization, essentially camouflaging the protected area. It is 100% effective, lightweight, easy to install, UL certified, operates without power, and protects 500,000 square feet. It is also significantly less expensive to install than the lightning rod system.

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