Every year, 3 per every 1,000 boats are struck by lightning in the state of Florida, with the majority of lightning striking sailboats. Boats are often the highest point for lightning to strike on the water during an electrical storm, therefore creating an extremely dangerous environment for those on board and nearby. Marinas have a high chance of being struck by lightning during thunderstorms due to the number of boats within the area.

Lightning strikes can cause major physical damage to boats and can impact surrounding boats as well. Boats not directly struck by lightning do not always experience physical damage, but can experience electrical damage to important navigation tools, such as the depth sounder, the compass, and so on. However, the boats directly struck often experience physical damage to the mast and hull as it acts as a grounding system to the water. Unfortunately, multiple boats in a marina could experience lightning damage from just one single lightning strike.

Capitol Electronics is here to help you protect your marinas from lightning strikes with CMCE Lightning Prevention technology – proven to be 100% effective. The CMCE Lightning Suppressor constantly works to drain both the positive and negative electrical field through deionization, essentially camouflaging the protected structure from lightning strikes. The CMCE device is lightweight, easy to install, operates without power, and protects 500,000 square feet.

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