Siren control in the palm of your hand.

Bringing siren activation, monitoring, and control to anybody at any time. Federal Signal’s CommanderOne is the latest innovation that allows you to connect with your most critical asset anytime, anyplace. The CommanderOne cloud-based platform enables you to monitor and control your warning sirens from any desktop or mobile device. It offers real-time data with actionable insights, enabling you to make important decisions quickly.

The key benefits of the application are: the mobility aspect, easy use interface, with a very secure platform. Built with industry-standard security. Another technical feature is the ability to see any siren status quickly and easily. You can see which sirens are active, which sirens are and are not communicating, and you can also see a quick dashboard that shows all the information that a siren manager wants to see on a daily basis such as: communications, battery, intrusion, etc.

CommanderOne brings an element of mobility as well. You have the ability to activate your hotkeys on the web and you also have the ability to activate those same hotkeys on your mobile device. CommanderOne can be used for one siren or for one thousand sirens, providing scalability.

The CommanderOne platform is flexible. One of the key benefits of the CommanderOne platform is that it takes the existing siren structure that you have today and allows you to extend it to the cloud or the mobile app, making this a more powerful system than it ever was. Whether you have a conventional radio system, satellite, cellular or IP, you can take that platform and extend it to the cloud, we can IOT-enable your system.

It’s easy to add CommanderOne to your existing siren platform. Our experts will get you online quickly, allowing you to activate, monitor, and control your siren system from anywhere.


  • Control of municipal, county, and state siren systems
  • Control of giant voice systems
  • Control of intelligent systems
  • PC or server-based systems
  • Modbus compatible
  • App and web-based control
  • Custom user-interface for your application
  • Secure communication with 128 & AES 256 encryption and time-based encryption

NEW FEATURE! Customers can now benefit from AccuWeather’s patented map-based weather alerting and polygon activation technology through Federal Signal’s CommanderOne platform. The integration enhances community safety by providing real-time National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) weather alerts to Federal Signal’s CommanderOne platform.

We understand that replacing a legacy infrastructure with new smart devices may be cost prohibitive, CommanderOne leverages your existing Federal Signal warning system and makes it smarter. With its simple dashboard and intuitive interface, CommanderOne is designed to make your mission successful in critical moments. CommanderOne is easily integrated with your existing Commander On-premise system. CommanderOne communicates with your system through a secure network communications interface. As changes occur with the On-Premise system those changes set up on the cloud-based control system. Siren activation and monitoring can occur from anywhere from virtually any device. The map interface provides status indications with manual activations or user-defined polygons. Automatic or semi-automatic weather based polygons siren activation is available for all CommanderOne users.

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